County Board Swearing-In and D6 Updates

My first County Board meeting was Tuesday, April 17th. Thanks to all my friends, family and supporters who came out to witness my swearing in. This is also my first blog entry. I plan on using this space to provide updates on meetings, issues, and events that affect our district. Please bookmark this page. I will also post these links to Facebook and Twitter.

On the County Board floor, I supported an amendment to the board operating rules to prohibit scheduling meetings of the county board and committees during any countywide or statewide election. Currently we prohibit meetings on general election dates, but not primary dates. This past February we had a very competitive primary for both state Supreme Court and County Board. I am passionate about voter participation, and have great respect for those who work the polls and volunteer for campaigns on these dates. To maximize participation in these crucial civic duties, I supported and seconded this successful amendment.

There was another amendment to record standing committee meetings. That amendment which I supported did not have the votes, but I plan to advocate for the audio and video recording of meetings in the upcoming budget cycle this fall. Stay tuned...

Standing Committees

There are seven standing committees that are appointed by the County Board chair (Sharon Corrigan). Each supervisor serves on one of these committees for their two-year term. The committees are:

  • Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Health and Human Needs
  • Personnel and Finance
  • Public Protection and Judiciary
  • Public Works and Transportation
  • Zoning and Land Regulation
  • Executive Committee

I am happy to report that I have been appointed to the Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources (EANR) committee. On this committee, I will work with my colleagues to advance clean lakes and water, reduce phosphorous pollution in our water sheds, advocate for manure digesters and other innovative technology to repurpose phosphorus. I am looking forward to our first meeting.

In the meantime, you can read all about the new East Towne detention basin, which will help keep at least 80,000 pounds of sediment out of the lakes, and filter out nearly 200 pounds of phosphorus.

There was also a ground-breaking on a project to convert cow manure and garbage into vehicle fuel.

Capital City Trail

It was great to see the snow finally melt so we can get ready to ride our many bike trails. While a lot of you are year-round bikers, our popular trails get increased usage with the nicer weather. The Capital City Trail will be resurfaced, and I will post updates as they become available.  More info here.

You can purchase a state trail pass here, or if you use the Capital City Trail for commuting, you can apply for a county subsidized commuter pass.  

That's all for now. I look forward to staying in touch through this blog, and please feel free to contact me at any time.