• Yogesh joins Ali Muldrow on A Public Affair radio program- WORT-FM

    “On today’s episode, new Wednesday host Ali Muldrow is joined in the studio by Yogesh Chawla to talk all things water, particularly the lake systems here in Madison, the flooding events of 2018, and what the community is doing to prepare for the future.”

  • Proposal to End Charging Families for Juvenile Detention Approved by Committee - Madison 365

    “Currently, the County charges families a daily fee for any time their children spend in County care, which includes shelters, group homes, foster care and juvenile detention. The base fee for juvenile detention is $130 per day”

  • Dane County Board creates work group to address recent flooding - WKOW

    “I think it’s been a lesson learned for our entire community about how connected our watersheds are and how connected or communities are and how something that happens maybe 50, 100 miles away, can affect right where you live in your backyard”

  • County Board Eyes Lake Level Policy - Press Release

    Supervisor Yogesh Chawla (District 6, near east Madison) said he has seen the effects of the flooding first-hand along the Yahara River and Lake Monona.

    "This resolution will help Dane County bring our lakes down to their state allowed minimums in the short term,” he said. “It also provides a framework and timelines for a robust process to determine what the proper lake levels should be given a rapidly changing climate."“

  • Dane County seeks to increase public involvement in local government - Wisconsin State Journal

    “The team — which comprises County Board Chairwoman Sharon Corrigan, 26th District; Sup. Paul Nelson, 9th District; Sup. Kelly Danner, 11th District; Sup. Yogesh Chawla, 6th District; and Sup. Tanya Buckingham, 24th District — will meet with community organizations that work with marginalized or diverse groups as well as other county residents to see what the board can do to promote public input on county policies and practices.“

  • County Board approves advisory referendum on legalizing marijuana - Capital Times

  • Dane County supervisor organizes voter drive at The Beacon homeless day resource center - Capital Times
    The process of voting can be very complicated. If a person doesn’t have a permanent address, the Beacon, as a service provider, can write an affidavit that can attest to where a person lives, and that will help a person register to vote”

  • Dane County supervisor calls for advisory referendum on legalizing marijuana - Capital Times
    Channel 3000
    What we’ve seen is that marijuana and cannabis is legal in some communities and other communities are disproportionately punished and policed when it comes to cannabis,” Chawla said, “and the consequences of that can last a lifetime.”

  • Floor Speech to County Board - Dane County Board
    “I pledge to fight for all the immigrant families living in anxiety and fear of separation who sacrificed everything they know for their children and continue to do so in a hostile climate where at any minute they could lose everything”

  • Indian American Wins Supervisor Seat - India West
    “We’re really eager to start the work to make District 6 a great place to live for all our neighbors,”

  • Hard Fought but Neighborly - Isthmus
    “Politics should be issue-based. Politics should be positive. Politics should be tough. Politics should take hard work,” Chawla said. “But in the end, we always need to come together.”

  • Capital Times endorses Yogesh Chawla! - Capital Times
    "We believe he has the energy and the ideas to maintain the tradition of engaged progressive public service that this district has come to expect"

  • Capital Times Guest Column - By Yogesh Chawla
    "On Nov. 9, 2016, it was easy to lose hope as hate and discrimination were enveloping us. We stared it in the face and said no. I vowed to remember that my parents risked everything to bring me and my sisters to America to live in a society that values equity, community and opportunity for all. And that there are millions of us across the country with similar stories."

  • Former Alder Brian Benford - Yogesh Chawla is rare political find
    "Yogesh is one of those rare political finds. Not only is he brilliant, smart and dedicated, he actually cares about others more than political gains or capital"

  • Indian American Data Analyst advances in Wisconsin Primary (International Press) - India West
    "A graduate of the State University of New York-Binghamton, earning a bachelor's in computer science, Chawla said that, if elected, he will prioritize connecting the work of the county board to its neighborhood, and work hard to make sure all of our neighbors can participate fully in county government."

  • Yogesh Lands Endorsement of the Man He’s Seeking to Replace - Madison 365
    "Yogesh exemplifies the surge of new leaders who offer hope for our county, our state and our nation. District 6 deserves a bold progressive with the tech savvy to make an immediate difference, from racial disparities to climate change." - Retiring Supervisor John Hendrick

  • "Get out the Vote! Sign up for a Lit Drop! - February 3rd and 4th, 17th and 18th
    "It’s lit drop time and we need your help! Use this link to sign up for a flexible weekend shift! http://signup.com/go/YrWVJfs Food and refreshments at noon on Saturday."

  • "Dane County Board candidates with shared priorities rely on personal experience to stand out", The Capital Times - January 27th, 2018
    "If we have a modest transportation subsidy for those who need that help and can spend $20 on a cab ride to get somebody to their court date, that’s a lot cheaper than keeping someone in jail,"

  • "Big ideas can make county government more accessible", The Capital Times - January 15th, 2018
    "Chawla has distinguished himself by outlining an agenda for making the board’s deliberations more accessible....
    Chawla’s agenda is a smart one. He’s talking about using new technology, and his own experience, to make it easier for citizens to engage with county government."

  • "Meet the candidates in four contested Dane County Board elections", The Capital Times - January 4th, 2018
    "We will need to use the modern power of data analytics and technology to find savings, so we can fully fund and expand our human services programming. I have helped states and municipalities across the country use information technology to save money, and want to do the same for the county that I call home."

  • "Wine and Sign," Get Yogesh officially on the ballot - December 2nd, 2017
    Please join us at Table Wine for “Wine and Sign” on Sat., December 2nd from 1:00 - 3:00. Stop by for a glass of wine and/or a bottle to go and sign Yogesh’s nomination papers! “Wine and Sign” is hosted by District 6 alder Marsha Rummel, Carmen Alcalde and Sue Hunter from Bad Dog Frida, Former Madison Alder Brian Benford, Madison activist Ali Muldrow, and District 6 leaders Gary Tipler and Jason Tish.

  • Campaign Kick Off! - October 28th, 2017
    Thanks to everyone who attended the campaign kick-off at Mickey's Tavern. We had a great turn out and a great group photo on the bridge over the Yahara river. Click here to see the pictures from the event. Click here to see Yogesh's speech along with an introduction from Ali Muldrow.

  • For Yogesh Chawla, Pursuit of American Dream Leads to County Board - October 20, 2017
    "We had the American Dream in our hearts,” Chawla tells Madison365. “We had strong support from our civic institutions like public education. That American Dream we had is slipping away. I can see it slipping. We were taught that if you work hard and help your neighbors, opportunity will be endless for you. I don’t think that is the case anymore. I don’t think that American Dream is available to everyone in Dane County right now." - Yogesh Chawla

  • Vice President Biden campaigns for Clinton in Madison - November 4th, 2016
    "We have to have strong families in America. We have to have both men and women participate in the workforce. The best way to do that is with paid family leave." - Yogesh Chawla (Quote at :57 in news story. )

  • Protesters decry Walker budget cuts at UW-Madison rally - February 15th, 2015
    "The University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin System is the economic engine of Wisconsin. It creates good jobs. It creates good companies. When you cut and don't invest in Wisconsin, it does nothing but hurt the entire state." - Yogesh Chawla

  • Naomi Klein's Passionate Discourse, interview by Yogesh Chawla and Sachin Pandya - March 8th 2004
    "I could be wrong, but I actually think that the answer is to speak them (words) with passion. I think on the left, we tend to be really cautious because we're so afraid of being dismissed as hysterical and dogmatic. We end up saying incredibly powerful things far too calmly. We're talking about the fate of the planet, but we're so worried about being perceived as reasonable, that we drain our discourse of all passion," - Naomi Klein