Dane Arts, AtwoodFest, Voter Registration and Referendum Updates

Hello Neighbors,
Please see my updates below, including a tour of conservation practices at farms and parks for the Land Conservation Committee, an update on the Cultural Affairs Commission I was recently appointed to, and updates on the voter registration drive at The Beacon and cannabis legalization advisory referendum.

Beacon Voter Registration Update


The voter registration drive at The Beacon was a real success. We registered 18 new voters, and helped many others start the process of obtaining vital documents needed to vote. The registration drive was a joint effort with the County Clerk Scott McDonell's office, League of Women Voters, and The Beacon. I was happy to organize this voter registration drive, as it is vitally important to have a strong connection between our district and The Beacon. I had many conversations with the patrons and the staff, and I feel confident that we will work together to continue our strong relationship. You can read more about the voter drive in The Capital Times

We have an important primary coming up on August 14th. Please make sure you are registered and ready to vote. I also suggest considering voting early.


Land Conservation Committee Tour

In our next Land Conservation Committee (LCC) meeting, we will be touring the clean beach treatment system at Mendota County Park, followed by a car tour of agricultural conservation practices in the vicinity. The full agenda can be found here. The clean beach treatment system is similar to the equipment found at BB Clarke Beach, where the swimming area is treated to provide safe and clean water to swim in. The filtered water in the enclosed area is in many cases much clearer than the surrounding water:


I plan to take pictures and provide a full report of what we see on the tour in my next update. It is nice to travel from the meeting room to the actual sites, seeing hands-on what conservation practices we are putting into action.


Photo credit: jason Tish

Photo credit: jason Tish

AtwoodFest is fast approaching this weekend! It will be a two-day party in the streets with great music, a variety of food and beverages, and a special kids' fest inside the festival. It is all kicked off with a series of parades from different parts of the neighborhood called The Convergence. AtwoodFest is a partnership among the SASY neighborhood association, The Wil-Mar center, and The Barrymore Theatre.

Did you know that a lot of the money raised at all our neighborhood festivals goes right back into the community? The SASY neighborhood association has regular grant cycles where neighborhood groups and organizations apply for funding. Projects range from park improvements to the arts, to playground equipment for schools and therapy dogs to help kids in trauma (the list goes on and on). None of this would be possible without your support of AtwoodFest.

I will be working all day Saturday at KidsFest with my family and doing a DJ set with my daughter at 3:00. Please stop by and say hi, or come down to bust a move. 

Dane Arts - Cultural Affairs Commission

Photo credit: Jenie Gao

Photo credit: Jenie Gao

I am happy that County Executive Joe Parisi appointed me to Dane Arts, the Cultural Affairs Commission. In 2018, Dane Arts has granted artists over $132,000. This includes visual arts, writing, dance, and music (including support for Marquette Waterfront Fest and Fete de Marquette). The support of artists of all mediums is a value that runs deep in our neighborhood, and I am honored that I have the opportunity to support these efforts in my role as County Supervisor.

This weekend we will have an unveiling of a mural project by artist Jenie Gao at Trinity Lutheran Church on the corner of Winnebago and First Street. Dane Arts provided support to Dane Arts Mural Arts to help with this project. It is visually stunning, and you can learn more about it at the dedication this Saturday

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